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Lecture 3

SOC201H1-Sep 19, Week 3

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Northrop Fry Hall 113 October 6 Organizing an Essay September 29 Making a thesis workshopAlexis de Tocqueville 18051859 Democracy in America 18351840thought equality would lead more to more anarchy bc there was no aristocracy to stop itprized liberty as opposed to equalitysent to US to study the prison system but had other motivesbelieved US was equal country but stabilityhowever the US that he visited was unequal in terms of Native AmericansAfrican Americans Tocqueville isnt blind in a few passages he is quite vocal about the ill treatment of Native AmericansAfrican Americansthe two unlucky racesonly their misfortunes are alikeboth suffer from the effects of tyrannyThe Europeans make them into servants of convenience Tocqueville tries to explore the psychological consequences of slavery but hes assuming a lot how would he know how slaves feel He was only in America for 9 monthsinteracted w mostly white people Tocqueville says that slaves accept their faterespects and identifies with their mastersFrederick Douglass a former slave published Narrative of the former slave in which he says theres a penalty of telling the truth ie If a slave finds wrong with their masters so even if slaves arent happy with their masters they universally say that they are They suppress the truthTocqueville was trying to describe an absolute evil but Douglass was trying to say theres betterworse conditions of slaveryWebber says to have power sociologically you have to be able to exercise your will over others despite resistanceTocqueville depicts slaves as a sponge absorbing the will of their mast
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