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Lecture 4

SOC201H1-Sep 26, Week 4

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University of Toronto St. George

Marx The German Ideologythe implications for study of societyhistoryif we want to understand why people do what they do we dont want to approach them about their ideas eg political ideology Marx says we study people in their real productive relations by relations of production Marx is talking about the exploitedthose doing the exploitingthe relations of production are the real foundation on which legal and political superstructures arise and to which definited forms ofsocial consequences correspond Marx is arguing that we can explain noneconomic aspects of society eg religion in terms of their functiontheir reproduction of the exploiting relations of societyeg parliament is where discussion take place in open forum issues are debated in the open space the hope is that the opinion which prevails is the one that translates in law But Marx says that parliament passes laws that hide to the peoplethrowing sand their faces that theyre being exploited and perpetuate a system of classruleA similar analysis could be used for religion and social consciousnessMarx scholars says that if you move from the recipe of how he analyzes society to how he analyzes society Marx is not actually a Marxist When he talks about property relations in old Germanic society after the fall of the Roman empire he actually gives priority to religionBut what do we do with a thinker thats contradictory Getting back to the original meaning of theory theories are often simplified statements of how society works so even though one chapter isnt all of Marx he gives us a starting point He did maintain that in capitalist societies the theory mostly applies but in societies such as old Germanic it might be different than workerbourgeois relationsTo be fair to our imagination sometimes its good to
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