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Lecture 2

SOC201H1-Sep 12,Week 2

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The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision and strengthens our most fatal tendencythe belief that the here and now is all there isAllan BloomThe practice of Buddhism in Thailand a custom in the country that young men before getting married go to a monastery for a period of time would get their head shaved renouncing their vanity raise everyday at 330 meditate at 6 and then they beg for food then they bring the food back to the templeshare the food meditate sweep listen to lecture by abbot head monk Why are they allowed to take this time off The answer is that this time of withdrawal from the society is seen as valuable to the society it allows them to take time to think about big questions The belief is that society ultimately benefits to society that this starvation will make them better people Similar to university students not contributing much right now to society but the belief is that we will later on Brushing up an institution that allows you to evaluate differently outside of societyTheoryan explanation of a relationship between two variables Thinkers well be looking at todayAlexis de Tocqueville 18051859 French Karl Marx alienationopposite of religion18181883 GermanEmile Durkheim 8581917 FrenchGeorg Simmel not in course outline18581918 GermanMax Weber 18641920 German do not summarize on position papers answer the question you have raised 2 years ago
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