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SOC201H1-Oct 31, 2011

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SOC201H October 31 2011 Test 1 results Total number of tests 136 Class average 765 Lowest score 50 Highest score 92Grade distribution 901008 of students in the class 808935 707933 606918 50596 Student grades will be posted on Monday November 7 2011 PapersCome up with an argumentDetailsSupport your argument How to do better Talk to your TA perhaps repeat talk with TA Come up with halfbaked plans Weekly plandelay gratificationkeep in fun activities Read outside of course material Do and redoinstead of trying to do the paper at one shot do a reiterationreinforce paperwriting as a skillhow do you do and redo practice your paper by talking about it to other people Clarify and get new ideasReligion 1 Hard to specifyLike community hard to specify Sacred and religion interchangeableSacredwhat is regardedexperienced as outside of everyday life Extraordinary transcendent as opposed to what is profane Religionset of answers to problems of human existence Problems of suffering and death above all elseReligionjustification or consolation for suffering and meaning for deathSet religion aside doesnt nationalism do the same thingEx soldiers maimed in war Religion shades over into other areas of human understanding Another difficulty belief in one god Christianity Islam Judaism other times belief in multiple gods Hinduism no gods Buddhism animism belief that things that are not living have a soul4Conundrum What are the conditions that religious beliefs are weakened
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