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Week 7 RELIGION 1252012 84700 PM How to do better in this course visit your TA to talk about your next position paper read outside the readings for the course no only do but redo be very aware when youre reading arguments whether the author is making is or ought claims and recognize that when youre writing as wellQuestion for the class Do you think that in the modern world religion is on the rise on the decline or stable by comparison with the past Jot down in a couple of sentences why you think it is following this trendI believe that Religion 1 Hard to specify like community y can it be understood objectively y What is meant by religion y Can religiosity be measuredSacred What is regarded and experienced as outside of everyday life extraordinary transcendent as opposed to what is profaneReligion is a set of answers to problems of human existence above all else suffering and death Provides the justification for suffering and may provide a meaning for death Nationalism can we not draw parallels to religion Sometimes it means belief in one god eg Christianity Judaism Islam Sometimes it means the belief in many godsSometimes religions do not have a god eg Buddhism Harder to maintain belief in one religion when cultures are mixing and gaining contact Contact wother cultures relativized our beliefsOn the other hand culture could hold onto religion more strongly as a strengthening and marker of separation
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