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Week 9Marx Theses on Feuerbach 184511152011 13700 AAdministrative stuffgrad school information session next week after lecture at 8 pm Illustrate point put down pens and listen BEING IS BECOMINGa certain way of approaching realitya way of capturing idea amalgamation and dissolutionexample of overhead projector identity constancy through change your core that stays the same through different ages times experiences you are a temporary coming together of different elements that wont remain together forever think of this now in terms of Marxcapitalism the temporary coming together of capitalist and bourgeoisie that is exploitative just like the overhead projector Marx says capitalism is a temporary coming together of classes which will not endure forever They will one day disappearing to a diff type of society with different components points to transience of things for Marx this is already a subversive way of looking at things make system of exploitation seem natural make them seem inevitable and permanentillusion of permanencyto think in this sort of way is a dialectical way of thinking Marx says the dialectic is abomination of the bourgeois class to think dialectically in this sense is to think that capitalism will one day disappearto think nondialectically is to think that capitalism is a given permanent DIALECTICAL APPROACH TO KNOWING ONTOLOGY branch of philosophy that studies the nature of being EPISTEMOLOGY study of knowledgeGiven the ontological nature of what were dealing with a certain level of epistemology is required Marx given a society consists of a coming together and falling apart of elements
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