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SOC 201 Week 10 Lecture 8 11212011 82700 PM Touching on the past couple of weeks Weird joining of reason with God in the writing of Hegelpreviously trained as a theologianand lied in a highly religious societyGermany was also a conservative society removed from developmesnt such as rise of industrial capitalism in England and French revolutionHegel idealized the French revolution watched it unfold from a distance being afraid at the upheavalJoining reason with god was a way of dealing with the tension of the promise of enlightenment and liberation and the turmoil that might arise if the lower classes in Germany rose up in the was they did in FranceIf we know a bit about his biographyhistorical circumstances we can understand why he might come to this conclusionFor Hegel history represent the unfolding of different ideasFeuerbach disagreed with Hegel proposed the idea that god was a fiction which the best characteristics of human could be reflected uponHe proposed not to end religion but to push Marx agrees with Hegel that history unfolds in a dialectical manner but these opposites for Marx are not ideas but social classes defined in terms of their diff relations to means of productionHe also criticizes Feuerbach for Marx also talks about Practices the important thing is not to understand the world but to change the worldIDEAS SHOULD BE TOOLSTHE TEST OF IDEAS IS THE EXTENT TO WHICH THEY STAND UP PRACTICING THEMMarx identifies Feuerbach as a materialist but criticizes this in him even though Marx himself was identified as a materialistAccording to Marx the problem with F he neglect the active creative side of human beingsMarx implicitly is a arguing that Feuerbachs materialism is too deterministic because it misses that creative side of human beings Durkheim 1912 The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
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