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Max Weber 11282011 84300 PM Max Weber The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism1 Christian Europe 2Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation y it becomes clear the power will not be blindly accepted Contested by dissidence but they nonetheless see themselves as Christians y disturbed by the church y major and minor sins that can be cleansedconfessed in church y bumped into Dominican selling papal indulgences basically you can pay off your sins this offended him greatly we can call this a trigger for his famous acts y Posted offending theseson the door of a church y Hewas not an antichristian he just didnt think that it wasnt the best representation y He believed that o It wasnt external acts that justified your belief but what was internal o Dogma that the piece of bread represents piece of jesus was a myth o Confession was not a way of taking care of the soul y In other words for Luther SALVATION WAS POSSIBLE OUTSIDE OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH y He was expelled from the church in 1520 y The Germany of his day was highly decentralizedthere were wars in German over who was right Varieties of protenstaism spread to other countries y Many people point the finger at Protestantism to account for individualism of Western culture in a way they are right because Basically you control your own salvation not the imposition of rules of church y Bible is seen as containing all that is necessary for salvation y Move from language of latin to language of the people y In terms of institutions Roman Catholic church lost its religious monopoly y Rulers lost prop for authority tendency to relativize belief because people saw other people having other gods
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