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Scott Schieman

PAGE 1 SOC202 PROF SCHIEMAN MAR 20 2012 TG. SP. Today’s topic: Regression Analysis • Imagine you collected a great data set • You have all these data, and large sample • Last classes have been ‘which test do you use?’ eg. Why would you use a t-test • Its all about patterns • Formulas are all different but we are at the end all trying to say something about social patterns Regression serves a variety of purposes • Predicting future values of a variable, based on known values • Describe the patterns in complicated data in a simple way • Evaluating and refining theories about how changes in one variable cause change in another o Does it really matter about one increase in education? – average income increases by 10,000. If you knew that, you would know education pays off. Regression: The Basics (#1) Q: “As the level of X increases, _____________? A: “As the level of X increases, what happens to levels of Y?” • How much better does regression line fit the data? Eg. How well did you do in the research paper? Prof summarized everyone into one mean (average). Regression: The Basics (#2) • People get more income because of their education, and people go back to school again for more income. So income is the one affecting it first • Regressing dependent variable on the independent variable
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