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Scott Schieman

1 Quantitative Methods ANOVA and Chi-Square Tests March 6, 2012 Quantitative Methods ANOVA and Chi-Square Tests March 6, 2012 ANOVA- analysis of variance. How on variance vary from one group to another. The t-test Compares 2 groups f-test compares more than 2 groups Analysis of variance (ANOVA) Groups and levels Does levels of X help us to understand variation in Y. Mind a variable that explains percentage of variance. Example: 40% of the variation in class marks can be explained by class participation. Systematic patterning of scores around the grand mean by groups. • Finding the grand mean, and compare the means of other group • Do the means differ in the population? Null hypothesis: there are no differences among group means in the population. • We seek to build a case against the null hypothesis. • Example: family conflict is not randomly distributed in population. There are patterns such as self-employment people have higher family conflict. Example 1: Education and the sense of Divine Control • Theories about social stratification and religiosity; SOC202H1S Quantitative Analysis in Soc. Science. March 6 2012. Scott Schieman. SP. TG. 2 Quantitative Methods ANOVA and Chi-Square Tests March 6, 2012 • Systematic social patterns in religious beliefs? • Well educated people don’t have divine beliefs? Question: What is the relationship between education and divine belief? If hypothesis is true: Higher education means lower divine belief Systematic social patterns of religious beliefs. What are they? Education variable (X) categorized into 3 groups. • Less than a university degree (
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