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Stats Lecture 1 +3 (and a little bit of 4)

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Scott Schieman

Stats Lecture Notes The research processfollow a scientific method systematic to explain empiricalobservable phenomena this class only focuses on the data analysis how do we talk about the abstract and form it into empirical evidencelayers of reading data specify the question does not have to be dry review past scientific empirical research related to the topic propose a theory state hypothesis Select a research designcollect datathen analyze the data and draw conclusions take the resultsget them out therefeed back to the literature disseminate the results Basics Statistical Imaginationthinking about groupspatternsalso about comparison causesconsequences how do we think about the connectionssocial patterns and formulacalculations are the background Variablesvaries over timemeasurablephenomenon dependant and independant variables variationyou can call it a focal assosciationLecture 3January 24Central Tendancytypical usual normal score found in a distribution of raw sourceswhat are the three of the most commonmean x barsum of all scores in a distribution divided by theof scores observed ie sample sizemedianthe middle score in a ranked distributionmodestandard deviationdescribes how scores of an intervalratio continuous variable are spread across the distribution in relation to the mean score notion of spread around the meansummary measurecollapsing a lot of information in to one standard statistic
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