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SOC 203 Authority – differ types of it: authoritative opinion & political authority - Emphasis on authoritative opinion - Political authority ex. French rev (kings till 1789 weakened) - Public opinion: should it rule? Can it be trusted? Democratic thought  wisdom is in people rather than gov’t - Ex. religion  cardinal: erosion of moral authority  weak due to child abuse & how the institution responded) - After 2 gul war o US invaded Iraq o Peace & security did not come bac o Bombs killing kidnap, civil war between the 2 tribes (sudan Hussein & Sheia) o US authority contested by the tribes power loss: loss of authority caused damage to institutes (school, hospitals…)  Loss of respect  Only military role NO order  The ruling party was removed by US (to star country fresh page) BUT enormous civil servants lost their jobs (loss of wealth of experience & the well-connected) created many US enemies - Thomas Hobbes – theorist o 1600s civil war in Eng  justified fro strong sovereign o Peace & security (person & body) o “frightening situation”  When no strong authority state of anchiarchy existed (great insecurity warfare) where each person strives for SELF best adv o Best solution: sacrifice personal freedom for one greater power to gain security & peace  Possible but disagree, no absolute authority no need to relinquish completely  THUS political authority is taken for granted (impo!) - Nihilism – belief of “nothing” o Ex. Russian Nihilist  Terrorist hero  Property, identity, morality  Society is founded by lies  THSU beliefs and values and religion is eliminated  Thought to b
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