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SOC203H1 Lecture Notes - Alexis De Tocqueville, Moral Authority

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SOC 203
Authority differ types of it: authoritative opinion & political authority
- Emphasis on authoritative opinion
- Political authority ex. French rev (kings till 1789 weakened)
- Public opinion: should it rule? Can it be trusted? Democratic thought wisdom is in
people rather than gov’t
- Ex. religion cardinal: erosion of moral authority weak due to child abuse & how the
institution responded)
- After 2nd gul war
o US invaded Iraq
o Peace & security did not come bac
o Bombs killing kidnap, civil war between the 2 tribes (sudan Hussein & Sheia)
o US authority contested by the tribes power loss: loss of authority caused damage
to institutes (school, hospitals…)
Loss of respect
Only military role NO order
The ruling party was removed by US (to star country fresh page) BUT
enormous civil servants lost their jobs (loss of wealth of experience & the
well-connected) created many US enemies
- Thomas Hobbes theorist
o 1600s civil war in Eng justified fro strong sovereign
o Peace & security (person & body)
o “frightening situation”
When no strong authority state of anchiarchy existed (great insecurity
warfare) where each person strives for SELF best adv
o Best solution: sacrifice personal freedom for one greater power to gain security &
Possible but disagree, no absolute authority no need to relinquish
THUS political authority is taken for granted (impo!)
- Nihilism belief of “nothing”
o Ex. Russian Nihilist
Terrorist hero
Property, identity, morality
Society is founded by lies
THSU beliefs and values and religion is eliminated
Thought to be better
o Dutusky known for underground book “Crime & Punishment”
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