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LECTURE 7- TORTURE: WEBER VS. DURKHEIM March-18-13 6:05 PM Stephen Lukes, "Liberal Democratic Torture" 2005 1. Torture: some recent examples 2. Torture as a concept  Torture: inflicting excruciating pain by the state  Eg french in colonial algeria 1956- 1962  British torturing IRA  Israelis torturing palestinians  Americans torturing iraqis  Also includes psychological or mental torture  Can torture be justified?  Amnesty International is opposed to torture in all forms  According to some, it could be justified if there is a situation which could result in the loss of many lives. Ticking bomb argument  Lukes says this isn't a good way of posing the problem because in practice it's not very likely that prisoners will ever have such information. And those doing the torture wouldn't know what kind of information would save lives  A weberian argument?  Torture is central to state  He has tragic view of politics  Believes that those who become involved in politics  In order to achieve goals politicians say they have to use dirty means  Anyone who chooses to engage in politics lets himself in for the diabolic forces lurking in all violence  Evil doesn't only produce evil, good doesn't only produce good. Whoever doesn't realize this is a political infant.  No ethics in the world can escape fact that the achievement of good ends is bound to the fact that one must pay the price of using morally dubious means  Must face possibility of evil consequences  If one is a serious politician one must prepare to use dirty means to achieve good ends  This would imply that torture an be justified in some circumstances  A Durkheimian counter-argument  1892-1894- Jewish captain named dreyfus was found guilty of treason (passing secret to enemy of France)  1886-new evid
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