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Monday February 6 2012EngelsNext weektest 1 40 tf questions1 12 points eachtotal of 60 points 20 multiple choiceworth 2 points each40 pointsintro to authority post break1political authorityreferring to rules as rightssociological investigation into legitimate authority 2 intellectual authoritywhat kinds of ideasopinions do we pay deference to what kinds of pressures do the members of a democracy conform to when it comes to the way they thinkEngels on Gender Inequality emergence of private property as central to gender inequalityalthough this may seem simplistica socialist feminist would believe that the real culprit whenit comes to sexism is the existence of private propertythe task that needs to be achieved is do away with private property critical comments merit of explaining gender inequality as a sociological phenomenon in his day there were religious explanations biological explanationswomen are inherently biologically inferior to men social conditionsimplies that something can be done about gender inequalityaltering social conditions greater equality could be achieved nuclear family is not hte natural waythere are other ways of organizing societymeaning of propert1Gender Inequality in Canada today2Engels Origins of the Family Private Property and the State 1884acentrality of production and reproductionbgender under primitive communismcprivate property andgender inequalityidsocialism and gender relations the claim3Critical commentsaa sociological phenomenonba historical phenomenoncthe meaning of propertyisimone de beauvoir the second sexcriticism of engels we have to take in to account peoples understandings in order to understand why for example the advent emergence of private property would have led to gender inequalityii we have to pay attention to the cultural framework to see how private property arisesiiiconsider alternativesivan idealist critiqe ignores meanings ascribed to private property dpolitics matteriegender equality and capitalism iconsiderin most western countries over the past 3 decades theres been an increase in class inequality gap between rich and poor has increased gender inequality has narrowednot by alot but it hasover the last 23 decades class differences and gender differences seem to be moving in different directions ii
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