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Marx and the Communist Manifesto

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SOC2030 JAN16French Revolution Industrial Revolution puts an end to an old Weberianway of life Marx wrote in 185060s will these ppl rise up and overthrow the system the social question Marx in trying to see what lay beyond capitalism transposed what happened in the French revolution to what he thought might happen in his time peasants under feudalism workers under capitalism Toqueville discusses status contrasting societiestalks about US France England variation in social statuses in diff societiesProfs question to us Do statuses even matter idea status and class are interconnected answer they are somewhat related but not directly connectedsocial honour attached not only to occupation but to religious groups race political beliefs as wellstatus can be at odds with classHOW IS STATUS MANIFESTED MARX Historical Context of the Communist Manifesto 1848 Capitalism was born out of the womb of feudalism Socialism will be born of capitalism but will be different because it will be classlessa time when there was much rigidity but also much change1Slow Change y Persistence of monarchies o Time of real political immobility Most of Europe ruled by absolutist monarchies o Absolutist monarchy courts dont have that much power nobility has been kept down somewhat bc the monarch has taken on responsibilities o Great Britain would be an exception democratic monarchy Parliament had some power so did the press but still monarchy y Persistence of old classes o A certain frozen state of affairs o Most ppl were peasants o Aristocracy power was based on ownership of land y Rise of new classes o New middle class o 2 of population very small
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