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rdSOC203 JAN 23Touching upon last weekSeneca letter written to his mother when he being exiled not being committed to suicide point made to distinguish btwn migration and imperialism exploitation btwn the newcomer and the nativea term often used to refer to the relations btwn NEO IMPERIALISMthe US and countries that are less developed in the post war period Not transparently imperialistic but nonetheless there are some forms of exploitation that are apparent in these relationships Prof Veugelers discusses NeoImperialism bc The debate that Marx opens up when talking about the British presence in India is not closed Status can be looked at hierarchically but also in another way discussed by Weber in next weeks reading social closureWEBER Class Status Party Sisters of the AmericanAssociation as a source of social closure the history of being in the country for a long time is a source of honour the insiders that want to keep other ppl outside will think of ppl outside as stigmatized dirty undistinguished undesirable Weber will make this distinction using examples of marriage a young man from a good family race and ethnicity are a source of status sickness eg the stigma of having aids When looking at Weber try to understand the circumstances in which prestige could mean a lot in societyMax Webers Def of Power theres always some time of negotiation in power claims In general we understand by power the chance of a man or of a number of men to realize their own will in a communal action even against the resistance of others who are not participating in the action pg 95Group vs category insocial group ppl are aware of their membership face to face interaction men in Canada social category eg womens bookstore is a group
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