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Lecture 1

SOC203H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Visible Minority, Industrial Revolution, Class Conflict

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Jan 18 2016!
lecture 2!
Inequality Tocqueville
T talks about status ranking for professions in united states!
wide variation according to occupation and professions !
independent from income. professions are not in best states than a teacher. compare to
lawyers and doctors. !
when thinking about inequality class and status cannot collapse together!
united states twist the meaning of democracy !
When thinking about democracy, think about dierent political party. freedom of speech
comes to mind. but it is not what tocqueville thinks. he thinks democracy as relatively
equality states. what tocqueville does. -> contrast what america relative equality states.
e.g. master and servant. structures status in society aects the roles and status. !
Tocqueville is unusual.
he idealize american society.!
in politic left and right.!
left. cherish social inequality!
right. inequality-> merits. democracy is evil. allows ppl in gifted in politics.!
generally speaking. in sociology text, equality is a good thing.!
however does T criticize inequality? about slavery? -> he is dierent from most of the
T doesn't favour inequality but cherish liberty
protection property. !
freedom of opinion !
T fears individualism!
de tocqueville -> Aristotle!
he suered from french revolution. !
writes democracy of america. (learned from past soc203)!
he is a realist. march of equality is french revolution. egalitarian. anarchy and
despotism should be avoided. !
anarchy !
french revolution. seize the property, church and jail for political opponents.
1799. Napoleon took power. regime of napoleon. novelty remained weak. state
became more centralized than ever. he visits america because he is curious
about the political system in US. See US as how to protect liberty. because
America avoided both anarchy and despotism. !
despotism !
How to read !
read syllabus. look what you need to look for. for example for todays class it was about 1.
tocqueville and the main theme inequality. !
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