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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Agata Piekosz

th SOC203 Lecture 4: July 16 2012 th July 19 10-12 Position paper: inequality/distribution of wealth/ division of labor/ how society is functioning under inequality/ gender roles -take a stand (either agree or disagree) -one theorist - Short film: India untouched - the only lens (religion) they use to view the world emphasizes on untoucbability and caste system - Delits ( lower caste) do all the dirty jobs -the caste system is the core of Hindu religion (for the betterment of the society) - lower caste has no right -paradigm shift when they see inequality in education -economic system and caste system -collective consciousness cannot be found on urban streets, but can be found while on campus -endogamy/ exogamy -priest= influence over others Weber - symbolic boundary - Weber is often said to communicate with the spirit of Marx - certain motives in caste system and connected to power and inequality - the central question for Weber is often connected to culture -Why does this cultural context exist and not another one? -Weber’s perspective: - there is no absolute objective scientific analysis of culture -everything we do in culture is subjective, the only way to explain meaning is to define it - he takes culture (historical process that in time leads to social change and in times reinforces itself) very seriously -Weber can never predict African American would mean the same thing now compared to before - how do we know what we know and how do we capture objective meaning -Weber believes people and society can
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