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Agata Piekosz

SOC203: Lecture 7 th 25 July, 2012 Just society for Weber: Legitimacy -Weber -Separate coercion from power Authority -Authority is based on cultural norms and values, therefore requires low levels of external control -authority depends on the performer’s beliefs Weber & Ideal types of authority -heuristic -class economically determine relationship -status as an ideal type is based on non-economic qualities (e.g. honor, prestige, religion) -party/power as an ideal type refers to the affiliation people have with the political domain. It is also is based on how this power is transferred; and this power is transferred between people who already have authority -Weber uses the ideal type of authority in his configuration -Charismatic ideal type: belief in the supernatural or intrinsic gifts/qualities of the individual that are different than other people -Traditional: belief in time and custom. People respond to this authority because we honor the time/methods that have proven tradition -Rational- Legal: belief in procedure. People respond to well-established procedures because we believe that the requirement that these people are going through like education or laws that they ascribed to. e.g. we believe in professors because we believe they are well-educated, proper, etc. - Charismatic authority: according to Weber, charismatic authority is the only authority with the potential to bring about change. But, every instance of charismatic authority fails- dies with
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