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Brent Berry

SOC205 January 24, 2013 VISIONS OF SHADOW CITIES - New urbanization happen places like less influx of people to cities and infrastreucture not keep up with population growth favellas in south America assembling vatious forms of scrap - Western perspective abject proverty material deprivation speaking to governance and freedom there something to admire - Depends on perspecective of people - Some extent reg in urnam spaces we live in prevent people from doing things - People can work together and come up with home grown solutions - This freedom in his view lead to innovations and quality of life that is reasonably good - Areas lots of problems high rates of infectious diseases and pollution - Social perspective one to one communal relations then what we are used to here - Social ties may be stronger - Property rights are different - Some parts of world people not same perception of ownership - Squatter rights occupy then live there right to not in Canada - Few years back ten years make shaift homeless shelter creatd by homless people on site of home depot down in portlands community some say thriving and operating in favella smaller scale and people managing relationsd and resources some issues of conflict and reslotion – ult displaced bc of property right claims displaced even though used land for own good - Favellas in brazil adopt property rights and regime we have here in the west comm. Bulldozed moving to contempory system - Not arounf the way they are in the future - Have gleaming skyscrapers and surrponded by seas of makeshift community Shanty towns rio - In rio people who live on hill ae lower status think of la people on hill most expensive reverse when look at shanty towns of rio - Lower more to coast impversihed is on hill asscesablity is down higher up not always but often - City of god - Takes place I favella in rio and challeneges in governing these areas and organize crime is dominant Table 1.3 - 60 years or so last - What cities most populated - 1950 ny and Tokyo more then 10 million people - 75 tokyo jumped ahead by tremendous amount 11.3 to 26 millio - Mexico city emerged highly pop area people from towns to city - Explosion cities more then 10 million - Development of cities in indistrilaizing cities of the world countries like china and other places Indonesia brazil india and number of countries rep Moscow and manila and list grown longer in 2015 - Some benefit if see growth of large cities - Cities are genratoers of wealth and oppurtuiniy and people flock there influx of people and resources - Large citesies centers fo activity and ecntrpeunar to invest qol not always great in these cities pick survival over qol - In Canada lots space and resruces and greater range of cities to chose from - Dom theme is growth of large ciites Ny 1930 - Ny dom modern city cooperate hq - Now Mumbai growth of high rise towers and shanty towns in urban fringe - Canadaa in us 100 years ago few people needed in agriculture production opp don’t exist even in places like india African cannot subsist on argcituclre alone The atlantic Short film 4 pers - Not mutually exclusive blend but lens understand reality social world of the city - Historical development how did cities emerge - Idea of hinterland - Colonial outpost - Defense perspective - Culture production is happening in cities as well - Historical development - Canadian historical why they look the way they do historically what has influenced that - How urbanization shaped indi - How different bc live in large cities - Many more secondary ties the primary personal ties shallow more transaction know each other less deeply - Early urban soc pointing this as crisis break down of and challenge of family and anonymity of cities - What are benfits and how we have adapted bystander effect love one intervene many time not come to aid of citizien people are cashed in some ways how get people engage - Detacthment living near so mnay people create large social gulph psychologically but close physical proximity - In small town never leave someone cold on street - Rely on social services how can we improve better function and take care of others in cities - Adaptation s urbanism is reflected in culture how we rely on utilities plug in smart phone - Country little infrastrucuture go through process whine off things used to in city - Spat and eco processes – birds eyes why thing laid out way they are deleiver things efficiently and people make diesocns what comm. They want to live in cuddlesack seems safer for children why people like surbabia – does offer those things in reality? – some say offers negative of city and rural area th - Surbabiztion major theme in development of cities over 20 century - Spatial process – how different groups relate to each other distribution of inequality why to racial and ethnic groups live where they live - Naton post over few years city of Toronto growth 3x greater then growth of surburn groewht of pop in city and a lot of growth is 20 soemthing people move into one bedroom condos - Not seen high density urban areas grow at that rate usuualy growth in low dense areas - Will this change in the future move to surbabn childbearing year s - Some constrain by choice other by resurces and law restricting development increasing high rise in central city then outlining suburban areas may be cohort change maybe chamging preferences may be period effect – boomer echoe – chidlern of boomer large pop may be realted to size - Could be legislative - Strucutural perspective – broad topic what are mechanism what we prioritize – governance of cities political economy of cites and how cites are gverend and who wins Lecture today Recap - Per Visual look Edwward burt - Docu film maker and canadaian look at industrializiton and urbanization and relating to natural resources how depend on mining on earth - What we have done do land to create cities - Manufacture landscapes – seek control over enviromnet (humans do) greter control over environment - High level of control over environment and env out of balance takes control of us diff to correct - Strong desire to control environment extraction of natural resources made us urban - 3 gorges dam in china massicve infrastrucute acess to power and ending many cities that had to be flood displacement of people Ship breakin g - What happesn things after use them - Vessels no longer high value meta scrap more then boat goes to bangledash rather then north American across pacific to sholes tide up and down humans directly invlveld in taking the ship apart - Values of metals and other natural resources gone up Before the flood - The three gorge dam us and Canada lots of hydroelectric dam projects quebec does and western states rely on them and work done in 1930s - Three gorges largest infrasture - Some negative displacement of people and film up the Yangtze - Most countries done this at different scales - How far to create control over environment and harness nature Film - People being uprooted as result of dam Urban renerwal - Used for both good and bad - Intentions are good often design of district in one swoop led to negative consequences - Comm. Dveloip organicly parts at a time - Many parts of wolrd in north America - Entire communites demolished for putting highways in cultural attractions - Places in china china 550 mill to 1.3 billion - Number of urban dwellers 72 mill to 500 mill half of pop is urban creates huge pressures need for housing and high density development necessary changes required way happens causes harm in process Oil refineries - Energy is linchpin - Why see so much coverage something happens in energy sector Algeria raid on refinery in middle of desert energy very important reflected in foreugh policy conflicts engage in enery allows urbanization to happen and industry rely in cheap energy - Oakvill in 1999 oil refinery lot of refining done in southern united states - Pipeline infrastructure – exel pipeline allow natural gas from Alberta to markets in united states big issue ecpensive infrastructure Commodities - Metal recycles - Scale of development when look at trash – size of landfill florida highest point is garbage dump plant gras and move - Some waste recycles and used again - Oil filters scale of urban development Mocement of good - Effecitint movement of good trade - And revo of container shipping go from cargo ship move across ocean to trucks and driven highway system to terminals at warehouses and to store - Cost to receive stuff from china not expensive one big pipe and constant movement of good one mode of transportation to another - One big flow flowing using these means containers once volume shipping is quite low – exploit difference in labor across the world get things cheapest price - In canaada target major retailer in us and opening in Canada and walmart expanding in canad aas well continued expansion depend on maufavctruign in south asia Canada vs American cities How Canada relied on global shipping – depend on foreign markets and they depend on us very interdependent Canadians observant to south of country smaller pop then south – sleeping with the elephant worried elephant rollin over Canadians more reflective Canadiaint cities - Some canadain cites more American ten others - Canada to American cities - Canadian cities in gernal better public spaces - Canadian more open investing resources into good public spaces - While in us private ownership is much more common - Access to water fronts – not allow prvate interests have access to waterfront not like us - True of parks and public recreational places – overall diisnvestment as us but beind curve of united states - Indi vs communital - How relate to one another - Volunteerism - Stronger in Canadian cities - Broad brus lots of variation - Hect more city culture suburbanzition in American cities and draw resources and cultureal instituins - In Canada existing cities are realtivly health – like Toronto wealthy neighborhoods in old city of cotoronto not mass migration of popele with means and jobs out of city to suburbs - Lots of variation some us very city centric – broad speaking Diffences - Canadian cities smaller and younger people to wrstern cnaada more recent then us - Development of cites in gerneal later - Parcel of land is smaller then in us - Canada more effective transport and use is higher in Canadian cities and more effective more moving target us invest a lot in public transport - Social disparites and crime is less Toronto lowest crime for citiy of its size and candians to same size American cities less in Canada - Less admin frag in Canada then us - Some question it but more tradition more closer planning and more gov involvement urban planning and growth in Canada - Green belt international standard even though contested torn down by tories but still not achieved many places in north America Crime - Property crime similar - Aggra assault and robbery subsattially lower Chapter 2 Dynamics - Major them is globalition - Ciites more related to world system - How really we are related - Movement of good and culturally as well foreign filsm - What happens in cities is political eco perspective guides understanding lens of natural and political process and discussions and narrati
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