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University of Toronto St. George
Lesley Kenny

Poverty and Alienation Last Class: we live where we live for sociological reasons; Immigration, segregation, enclaves, ghettos Today:  Symbolic economies  TO’s 3 cities  Secession of the successful Public space: not really “public” they are managed, eg. Mall  Consumer capitalism  Public vs private space o I do belong here but I don’t…. Why you live here? Jay and Finch  Ideas of certain area, presented by the media Why those ppl not here? Lecture: “What’s your postal code?”  “Tell me someone’s ZIP code and I can predict what they eat, drink, drive – even think”  To keep the cooperation growing  Income enclaves, broken down much more finely o Homogeneous experiences  Easier for government and cooperation to control things and make things happen in certain way o No community centre in certain area Production of Urban Space  Gentrification processes  Immigration processes o Chinese own corner store: discrimination practices – no bank loans, and money to do their own thing  De-industrialization  Where manufacturing moved out of city centres, often out of country  Gone from economies of production, to economies of consumption Service Economy  Banking  Media  Tourism NUS: 2 analytical perspectives 1. Political Economy (who owns what and why?) a. Focuses on the material (real, physical) conditions & b. The class interests of various groups 2. Symbolic Economy (Sharon Zukin) a. The visual means by which groups are in/ excluded from public/private spaces i. U of T: old, and big school (vines and leaves) b. Urban design, architecture, ads (signs) i. PATH system ii. “Those who create images stamp a collective identity” (Zukin 1995) iii. Who is excluded, who in entitled? iv. Journal ideas: look for the “signs” 1. Big company are getting more powerful to change the face of
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