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University of Toronto St. George
Lesley Kenny

Heat Wave - Chicago  Natural disaster  Particular group died the most – poor, elderly, black, men, single  Why those people? Can’t afford A/C, elderly nobody looking out for them. Men do not socialize as much as women  Why don’t the men get out to seek for help? Never had the information access to them; Fear – afraid to leave their homes to go to a centre place, social belonging The social production of space  People from hierarchy determine how space would be.  Seemingly neutral place that is not socially produced – sidewalk o Identify where we are supposed to walk o Who is behind it, who decided to build a sidewalk – government? o Social Control – walk this way and don’t walk in the middle of the street o Social order – safety o You are not in a rural area because there is a sidewalk o Loads of transportation – pedestrian only o How did the sidewalk get there? Construction – made by people/workers- engineers behind – climate/weather concerns : less slippery o High social economy status neighbourhood– grass looks managed and clean; in low social economy status neighbourhood probably does not look as nice The Symbolic Economy (Sharon Zukin)  “the intertwining of cultural symbols and entrepreneurial capital o maple leaps – Toronto o Canadian beer  Tourism, media and entertainment o Purposed casino  Cities are packaged and marketed o SARS- hotels marketed torontoians to get the market back  The visual means by which groups are in/excluded from public/private spaces  Urban design, architecture, ads (signs)  “Those who create images stamp a collective identity” (Zukin, 1995)  Combine this with: o Global, neoliberal politics  Globalization – from previous notes o Refers to economies o World is becoming more like American – since the coporations are from US o Increasingly:  Powerful transnat’l corps &  The dominance and influence of Western overseers such as the IMF and the World Bank  Affect urban policies  City politics are increasingly run on a business model  What does “neoliberal: mean? o The “market: capitalism determines economics and social policy….  The Commodification of City Space o In the 20 C, not just things, but now also spaces and places are marketed for sale o “quality of urban life has become a commodity, as has the city itself” (Harvey, p.31) o to be “urban” or “urbane” is to be associated with a higher SES o pacficiation by cappuccino- Sharon Zukin – sold by an ideal of a lifestyle – commodified o Shop til you drop! o The 2-th C shift from manuf to service-based “flexible’ economies has radically alt
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