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University of Toronto St. George
Lesley Kenny

Last Lecture!! Last class:  History and social problem of the suburbs  The car and the suburbs  New urbanism and smart growth etc. This Class:  Glocalizing protest  Commodification of urban culture  Course review NO REREAD ANY of those articles Turn the title of the articles into questions and answer them Picture: Are people who live in the suburbs stupid people?  NO – reasons that beyond their control: jobs location, conformity, social policy, globalization… freedom of choice is limited  Once they move there….property values matters  Not personality thing The commodification of City Space (from last class)  In the 20 C, not just things, but now also spaces and places are marketed for sale The Symbolic Economy (Sharon Zukin)  “*the+ intertwining of cultural symbols and entrepreneurial capital”  U of T: prestige (power of symbols)  Cities are packaged and marketed  Tourism, media and entertainment Tourism  Disaster tourism, ecotourism, culinary tourism, water tourism, religious/faith tourism, wildlife tourism, literary tourism  In the 40s, no transportation!!!  But also:  Suicide tourism, health tourism, sex tourism, ghetto tourism, thanatoursim (death)… The Tourist Gaze  Start to see the city in a tourist’s aspect  How will the tourists see this place?  How do we Want them to?  E.g. of Carlos Slim (Mexican mega-billionaire) who had some of Mexico’s streets made into cobbled streets, for the tourists’ gaze  Because the effects of globalisation tend to homogenize culture, now we have to manufacture difference! The problem is….  Political economy approach  the connections between the local and the global  Tourism promotes seasonal, non-unionized, low-wage jobs,  Diverts local public monies from addressing crucial local problems  Is a form of mass seduction; does more harm than good What is a “World Class City”?  “to be a world-class city, at least a North American world-class city, we need an NFL team.”  Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford  “to market itself, Toronto needs a core identity that everyone understands, from CEOs to taxi drivers.” o Greg Clark, a London-based economic level. Guru  * marking: city for sale*  Core identity: who is gonna to pick that? Sarcastic to  Everyone understands: teach the stupid people to understand; the teach people how to think about the city  From CEOs to Taxi drivers: taxi drivers with high educated background So? Big deal!  We all know that money makes the world go around! Picture: Celebration Florida  Acres of area brought by Walter? Developed by the Disney  Nuclear and Straight, upper middle class, detached houses  Speaker embedded in the palm tree: Christmas music + Disney songs  Lanterns: Snow  93.75% white 1.7% black 2% Asian Who said this?  “Increasingly, we see the right to the city falling into the hands of private or quasi- private interests.”  David Harvey** Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain From Prado to Prada  The idea of the commodity of city space:  The city itself, as a product on a shelf  The arts are being co-opted to sell the city  Entire cities are now “hard branded”  “karaoke architecture” – loud and proud (Las Vegas)  Diversity? Sure, if it brings in $$  “the cost is borne… by those who do not have a stake in the gentrification processes” (p. 437)  The redefine of the space occupied b culture is increasingly commodified and dependent on private producers  Who decide for the access to these spaces? Niketown: Cultu
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