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Brent Berry

7 types of cultural clustering strategies1The extent of horizontal collaboration and integration2The type of vertical portfolios of cultural functions involved3The organizational framework of the clusters4The financial regimes surrounding them5The level of openness or closeness of the spatial and cultural programs involved6Development path of these clusters7The location of these clustersThree key theories of new political economy paradigmThe crisis of consumption Marxist approach argued that exploitation and alienation of the factory had now spilled over and been reproduced beyond the workplacecities were increasingly losing their central place as the locus of production units and becoming instead the site of consumption activities Identified 3 main structural issues underlying urban mobilizationsThe preservation and improvement of residential neighbourhoodsPovertySocial and cultural discriminationThe crisis of accumulationUrban crisis occurs when real estate financiers overinvest in a particular urban crime occurs when real estate financiers over invest in a particular urban sector flooding the market and depressing profits When this occurs investors collectively shift to anther location leaving the original to declineThree types of investment capital each of which follows its own circuitPrimary circuitSecondary circuitTertiary circuitElite coalitions and urban growth machineFocus specifically on the structure of political power in the urban community rather than dwell on the mode of productionUrban growth machine depiction of the city as a machine controlled by business political and professional elitesWhat makes present day cultural clustering sites so interesting theoretically1Using culture for urban regenerationaCities are using culture to regenerate their urban landscapes Cultural sites clusters and milieu have now become something of an archetypal instrument in the urban cultural planning tool box2Regeneration does not just happen in the central coreaCultural clusters are spreading as an alternative model for local cultural development
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