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AssimilationNov 2 2011 Introduction Psychological Perspective When we talk about the prejudice and the discrimination we also talk about the stereotyping and the idea of Scapegoat building bc they are related Most of the time the sociologists take discrimination as the concept as different and most of the time psychological explore the concept of prejudice and discriminationRanking of ethnic groups in Canada results of the pervious study y English Canadian ranking English Canadian vs French Canadian y Western and Northern Europeans are at the top old immigrant groups y Followed by Eastern and Southern Europeans new immigrant groups y Visible minority groups are at the bottom ranking y French Canadian rankingy Quite different from English Canadiansy Put virtually all nonEnglish and nonFrench ethnic groups further downy Means consider the French Canadian much closer to higher and rest are lower major differencey Old immigrant groups are higher and new immigrant groups and visible minority groups are at the bottom y Rank themselves at the topmplicationsy y Existence of prejudice in the Canadian society and every society has some kind of prejudice against certain groups Prejudice y Allports The Nature of Prejudice 1954 y Political and historical developments at his timey He was at the NY at the time he published that booky Right after WWII antiSemitism y Cold War y Definitiony an aversive or hostile attitude toward a person who belongs to a group simply bc he belongs to that group and is therefore presumed to have the objectionable qualities to the groupThree Points from above definition 1 Judgment formed before examination and consideration of the factsy The judgment against certain groups has already formed and it is very difficult to change
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