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Split Labour Market Theory and Ethnic Competition Perspective

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Eric Fong

Spilt Labour Market Theory and Ethnic Competition PerspectiveNov 23Functionalism perspective it was dominant perspectives in 60ssociety function itself and every components has its own perspectives Josh didnt study the macro societies instead he looked at individuals relationsexchange is the way we understand the human interaction which means maintain interaction with other people bc I will continuously get exchange from you There are always group in the subordinated position for the purpose of the exploration when we look at the race relation Split Labour Market Bonacich sty 1 paper 1972 y Question racismkeeping a group in subordinate positionsy Miss Slidesy In order to understand the ethnic conflict she propose the idea of SLM y Ethnicity and race is the minimum component to understand the ethnic conflict bc languageculture barrier is the major obstacles in the long run Assumptions y Ethnicity and race are political constructs y Takes effort to maintain ethnicityy Why There are substantial interesting behind the preserving ethnic groups and SLM is to uncomforted bases of this constructiony Ethnicity is not important by itself rather its a tool that we can gain some other things y Race and ethnic conflict is not really the race and ethnic issues rather economic issues main argument y Existence of difference in prices reason of economic issuesy Cheap labour in her termy Central ideas y Racial and ethnic conflictdifferences in the price of laboury Conflict is mainly on economicy Divide the groups into racial and ethnic lines which causes conflict why y Fear of displacementhigh priced workers protect themselves racial and ethnic conflicthigh priced workers vs low priced workersy Main struggle y For historical reasons white workers tend to be high priced workers y Missed slidesy Why this phenomenon occur ppl take lower wage jobs 2 reasonsst1 National level of development 1 reason y Living standardy Expectation
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