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Assimilation: Classical Perspectives

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Eric Fong

Assimilation Classical PerspectivesNov 92011 Introductiony Theoretical importance y Policy implicationsy IntegrationassimilationTheoretical Framework Most elusive concept employed in the study of race and ethnic relations General understanding a wide range of ethnic changes and generally with implied direction towards greater homogeneity y It was developed in the 1930sy Means people from different background changed their behavior depends on the durations in the countryRobert E Park His definition of assimilation is everyone is same and integrate each other Stage of race relations cycle contacts competition accommodation assimilation 4 stages 1 Contactsy Superficial and explorative in nature2 Competition y From the contacts bw host people and the migrantsy Economic resources and cultural competition3 Accommodation y Unstable condition most of the time everyone maximize the resources game theoryone way to understand the international relation and economicy Adjustment by a migrating group to a new social situation4 Assimilationy assimilation is a process of interpenetration and fusion in which persons and groups acquire the memories sentiments and attitudes of other persons or groups and by sharing their experience and history are incorporated with them in a common cultural life y inevitably leading from contact to assimilationy not clearsomething about the psychologicalculturalsocial aspectsy it is the matter of the time depends on the duration
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