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Candace Kruttschnitt

Wednesday, September 17, 2012 SOC212 Lecture #2 - outline for this lecture under course materials and all other subsequent lectures - Documentary: important for different approaches to who defines deviance - Think about different approaches people take to deviance ** look at notes for this - SECOND HALF: how do we, as social scientists, discover deviance? – difference methods that sociologists use that do not involve official data. “A HIDDEN LIFE” James West, caught leading double life - Spokane, Washington. Being gay was very hidden - Cobra82: could not have gained the position he was in if he had been “out”. Reporter caught on, towns republican mayor james west - 1970s, wave of child sexual abuse had rolled through some of the most respected institutions in the town (church, police station, schools, boy scout groups) - how could jim west not know his friend david hahn had been molesting young boys? - Source: 20 year old college student who spoke to him in an online chat room. Had consensual sex. What if he’s using this internet site to violate children? - Created an account on the site to see If cobra82 was actually jim west. Created an account being a 17 year old, wasn’t that baiting him? –no. the attempt was not to bait anyone but they just wanted to se
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