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University of Toronto St. George
Candace Kruttschnitt

SOC212 Lecture 2 (Sept. 19,2012) Video of Jim West  Who defines deviance? o Reactive Approach  Lots of people reacted to the news o Group Approach  Religious reasons, an entire community were having discussions, reacting to what was going on (the guy saying he was a sociopath) and the gay community (surprising because they were really angry)  trying to come out but this scandal=detrimental to what they’re trying to do Downson & Rock:  Most deviance covert and secretive o Some exceptions: youthful deviance (ie. Don’t do it alone, do it together), political groups (neo-nazis, white supremacists, etc.) If you had to do research on prostitution, how would you do it?  Participant observation o This is where sociologists become actively involved (immersed), could also engage in deviant behavior as part of the research o Ex. Jim Markford correctional officers brutality against inmates in Texas (and to observe how officers and inmates interact with each other) He became a correctional officer; he acknowledges initially that it was difficult to be accepted by other officers. Eventually he was accepted and witnessed some brutal acts o Extremely difficult; requires you to simultaneously become an insider and an outside. A part of the deviance (or at least observing it) and o Advantage: See firsthand, get unbelievably rich data, o Disadvantage: Difficult in gaining entrance to some social situations as well as fitting in, raises hard ethical issues (when to intervene, etc.)  Snowball sampling o Can start with one prostitute, become really good friends with them, then they give another friend (form of networking) o Advantage: this is critical for hard to reach people (ie. Can’t put a newspaper ad finding people who grow meth in their backyard) o Disadvantage:  Limited sample (the people you talk to may not be representative of all prostitutes)  Relies on initial informants, but it also relies on whoever you’re referred to. (Contacts can dry up, they don’t want to talk to you)  Too many contacts  Can just start with observation (ie.. .streets of Toronto) o Limited to activities people choose to do in public o May see extreme body piercing or tattoo o Extreme political groups o Only going to get the stuff the deviants are going to show you  Case study o Study explicitly on one case (
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