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Social Theory & Social Policy, last lecture

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Nathan Innocente

SOC212Last LectureDec 6 2011Social Theory and Social PolicyNot responsible for material in grey boxes in textbook for examdont need to study last chapternoncumulativereview 15 possible short answer questions that he posted on blackboardshort answer questions are out of 10 each 5 to choose from only 2 to answerLecturemain theme of this lecture is if we hold X to be true what are the implications X being whatever theory were talking aboutif we were to put X into real practice what would it look likeDisjunction between theory and policyvery rarely integratedengine of production which is academia have higher scholars to produce knowledge and sometimes its for nothing other than to produce knowledgecomes in 3 formsrole definitiondivision of labourteaching and research take priority over competing pursuit of policymakingsocial problems not always sociological problemsvery few people scholars are trying to implement their ideas into real practice instead all of their research is accessible to everyonetherefore we have policy makers who use these scholars information and researchtranslatabilitydifferent systems of relevancesome have implications for policydepend on theorist empirical support translation to policynot everything is translatable into policylike strain and marxismSalienceSalience of theory is contingentknowledge consonance resources interest groups costbenefitsecondary compared to timelines and political platformsif crime is caused by low selfcontrol and low selfcontrol is lack of socialization when youre young then whats the implication of policy control Better schooling requirement to take parenting courses random visits to home to check on children etc etcWhat interest groups would disprove of these policies Civil groups single motherscontingent relationship between theory and policy 5 points see slidepolitical relevancemore important than academic solidity doesnt matter how much research you haveeg Victim surveys in Canada had a political agenda not researchdata drivenrhetorical resource
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