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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Nathan Innocente

stSOC212Tuesday November 1 2011Lecture 7ANOMIE Exam Mystery QuestionA sense of loneliness and anxietySUBCULTURELEARNINGSubcultures conceived of as solutions to the problems faced by lower class youthReactions against achievement oriented and competitive middle classReaction against diminished opportunities for work and leisureWhy are deviant solutions generated in the first place oWhy do we have delinquent gangssubcultures oIf subcultures are a solution these problems points 13 then why do they form in the first place Outline for Discussing TheoriesSocial BackgroundProsperity and rise in consumerism in the 1950sSuperiority and normalization of middle class valuesoThings like hardworking longrange plans putting your head down and getting your work doneoSuccessful in the war effect in WW2 in the USoWar is not usually fought on evil termsRight to educationoUniversity was rare oThe first time in history that there was an expectation that most people will have access to postsecondary education Urbanization and deteriorated city centers oGrowth of the suburbs Great Depression oThe idea that the people who werent previously deviant became deviant based on social circumstances Intellectual BackgroundAmalgam of intellectual contributionsLearning theory derived from Chicago School interactionism oSocial learningthe fact that crime is learned oEthnography case studyingoImportance of social learning and interactions oPrecursor to interactionismLife histories and criminal apprenticeshipoSocial learning Critiques of existing theoryoIdea that existing theory hasnt produced anything testable scientific or coherent Combines Chicago and Mertons strainoFreudian psychology is involved as well
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