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Lecture Nov 15th Interactionism

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Nathan Innocente

Crime and DevianceInteractionism November 15th2011 interactionists are interested in social worlds that make up society social worlds could be anything gangs teams families bars clubs key thing about interactionismmeanings that shape actors social reality not meanings imposed by sociologists SI takes us as far as possible into the actors own perspective it takes us as far as possible into the actors perspectivePerspectives of Symbolic interactionism 1Social Meaningsbehavior affected by meanings given to it the meaning is key2Interactionmeanings arise from social interactionunderstand particular actsobjects understand conditions ie strain deprivation bad economy in a certain way people actively create meaninginterpret symbols active generators of meaning 3Creationpeople actively create meaning and interpret symbols passive receiver and active creator Defining SelfCharles Horton Cooleylookingglass selfwhat audience reflects shapes a persons sense of self reflected in how people think about youtreat youconcept of identity what is your true identity George Herbert MeadI me generalized other generalized other imagining how others perceive you action contemplation imaginationDefining Society communication through symbols shapes our definition of society and social situations eg belief that job opportunities are plentiful will lead one to work hard towards promotion even if they are not plentiful Defining Situations we define situations in certain ways once defined its meaning influences our actions Eg marijuana defined as morally reprehensibleSocial Background
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