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Lecture October 4th

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Nathan Innocente

Measuring CrimeDeviance Sources of Information October 4th2011 How we get our informationwhere we get our informationProblems with Acquiring CrimeDeviance Data 1 subject of inquiry is deliberately hidden1deviants have little insight into the broader natureextent of their behaviorpeople you talk to might not know anything about the crime in general 2access to deviants is costly time consuming and often only partialit costs a lot of money to try and run these projects large scale ethnography a challenge to get access to these groups 3much deviance lies beyond the scope of research things you cant possibly hope to study or understand certain kinds of deviance that are beyond the scope of research 4Sociologists are not able to pass effortlessly into every alien situation how would they ever get into that group where do they start off 5barriers exist within social worlds even if access is gained even if you do end up getting into a particular group there are particular barriers politics within groups sponsored into a group by a member that member could be marginal no guarantee you will get access to information6social worlds are not representativenot necessarily representative sampleswhen someone commits a crimethey get caught there is a reason why they committed the crime is this after or before the fact neutralizations are supposed to occur before the crime SOURCES OF DATA Official Data Uniform Crime Reports UCRstandardized counts of crime known to the police national stats about crime rates eventpopulation size x 100 000 also includes stats from other official sourcesCompetition Bureau hospitals institutions CJScourt data incarceration date probation dataall of it is a form of official data
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