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Measuring crime & Deviance

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Nathan Innocente

CrimeDevianceLec 4Measuring Crime and Deviance Sources of Informationscared straight clip with a program like that trying to show that if you got caught punishment would far outweigh rewards deterrenceppl who went thru scared straight program had higher recidivism rate than those who didnt go thru programProblems with acquiring crim and deviance data1 subject of inquiry is deliberately hidden ppl dont advertise their criminality try to have it remain hidden Certain deviance is public like punksskinheads other kinds are not How do you uncover data that ppl are trying to keep hidden and private first prob2 Deviants have little insight into the broader nature and extent of their behaviour a person who robs convenience stores are not linked into network of other ppl who do the same who share techniques etc In other words when collecting info on how to commit crime may not have best tips or not know how to do it ppl talk to may not know anything at all about crime in general there are certain networks for child pornography network but more often than not do not know about crime in general3 Access to deviants is costly time consuming and often only partial if trying to get into little known group or any group is highly difficult4 Much deviance lies beyond the scope of research certain kinds of deviance just beyond the scope research ex difference between a neutralization or rationalization in other words when someone gets caught committing a crime they have excuse ready but did they have it before neutral or after rationalizationex steal car before say oh insurance will cover it is neutral5 sociologists are not able to pass effortlessly into every alien situation6 barriers exist within social worlds even if access is gained even if you do get into a particular group there are barrierspoliticsdivisions in the group so you are missing out from info from other side of groups7 social worlds are not representative ex if you wanted to study armed robberies you could go to prisons offer incentive and interview them but are they representative of armed robberies No bc they are the guys caught and are the worse armed robbersSources of Data Official DataUniform Crime Reports UCR standardized counts of crimes known to police national stats about crime rates eventpopulation size X 100 000Also includes stats from other official sourcesCompetition Bureau for corporate crime hospitals info about mental healthaddictions institutions CJS criminal justice systembreak and enter has been declining whyinsurance more security systemsincrease in violent crime serious assault on slide graph Crime severity index has been going down for decades Violentcrime severity index had a bit of peak in 2006 and then declines againnot tested on thatThe crime funnelActual Level of Crime actual lvl of crime in society is the dark matter of crimenever know this unknowable amount of total crime Detected crime most are detected by citizens policing is generally retroactive somethings happens police is called proactive busting drug ringReported Crime know crime has been detected but do you report citizens are gatekeepers at this point a lot of this has to do with sentiments ex 1990s ppl were more awarefearful of youth crime due to social tenants made them hyperawaresensitive about it social tenants breeds awarenessfear causing them to report crime Sometimes thefts are too trivial to report to police may not report bc they are protecting or what youre doing is illegal dont think police will be able to do
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