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Second last lecture

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University of Toronto St. George

download the lecture slides these are what i took complimenting the slidesi didnt wanna retype it1implications if x theory is true2theory producing knowledge vs policy real lifepractical implications3role definition scholar produce datamake available leave others to focus on policy not always pragmatic problems that people are interested in ex crime in literature No policy maker really cares about such matters even though it can be a topic of study4political relevancy rational choice is easy to make policies vs marxstrain not easy to create5consonance harmony with theory and government ex low self control natural impulse needs socialization if not leads to life of criminality implication better parenting raise standardquality of state run day care invasion of family state interferenceopposed to such policy interest groups civil liberty groups parents of these children6Exam material next 5 slides politics is always more important than science does not matter how sound the study is it must be politically relevant we do not study the real victims which are most likely to be criminals it is politically driven to explain the ordinary citizen rhetorical resource used as needed to support policies ex Region park based on theory of diff ppl living in area but may not have realized extract or borrow parts in order to get what is usefulrelevant for that policy research homelessness as national study more people move into field for more funding depend on social tenor publicpolitical sentiment based upon social operations at the time political action not interested noticed prohibition or war on drugs at the time regardless of the research or theories suggested12chicago school socia
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