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Nathan Innocente

Lec 1Defining DevianceCrime is punishable by law deviance might not be punishable ex wearing an outrages outfitThere isnt a underlined concept of science 3000 years ago more likely a person from the past will believe that Frank made up person is a prophet A lot of religious ideas originated a long time agonot deviant but mainstream ideasThe ambiguity of devianceWhich of these is most deviantKilling someone Organ traffickingDemolishing a building full of people affects most peoplemost deviantBurningDemolishing a buildingWhile some consensus may form around definitions of deviance it is often found in the eye of the beholderBurningDeviance is often temporally and culturally situatedso how do you define deviance Burning witchesDefinitions of DevianceStatisticalAbsolutistRelativistNormativeStatistical DefinitionCommon conditions determine what is normal or deviantStatistical minority represents devianceEg Most teens drink and commit crime so nondrinking noncriminal teens are deviant huhYes it is abnormaloutside statistical range is deviant being too tall too short etcProblematicdoesnt look at the meaning or action of devianceonly based on aggregate informationAbsolutist DefinitionDeviance results from a value judgment based on absolute standardsAbsolute moral ordernormal is good and there is something obviously bad in each deviant actconsensus approach consensus in societyEg Religious proscriptions against homosexuality its just wrongIncest will not be normalwill always be wrong absoluteProblemdoesnt leave room for relativismdoes everyone have the same belief Relativist DefinitionDeviance is a social product Whatever people react to and label as deviant becomes deviantEg MADDdrunk driving as a serious social ill Social reactionif people dont react to it then it is not deviant Problem What is it that people are reacting against everyone couldhave consensus on somethingsocial norm Normative DefinitionDeviant label depends on what the group thinks should and should not occur
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