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SOC212 Lec 2

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Nathan Innocente

Lec 2Measuring Crime and Deviance Methodological StrategiesThe Epistemology of Crime and Deviance What do we know about crime and deviance How do we know what we know about itHow is this knowledge acquired Do we really know that much about crime and deviance after allYESFrom where do we get our information about crime and deviance News Media statistics observations personal victimization friends family etcOpposite of most media is true most criminals are not black crime is not always violent etcWhat we know Common SenseSocial ScienceLimited in scopeRules govern observations findings conclusionsUnsystematicDesign and sampling tactics for observationResearch is not just data collectionit starts with a problem has goals and plans is guided by hypotheses and accepts criticismRules that are researcher has to follow What shapes our methodological strategies Topic Population Availability of data Social theory Methodological preferencedo you like stats qualitative quantitative methodsWhat factors would shape how YOU would research crime and deviance Absolute certainty has all the answers Negotiated certainty recognizes uncertainty Fixed closed finished Growing open expanding Avoids tests discrepancies blind to opposing evidence Welcomes tests all evidence changes based on evidence Locked into moral belief Detached from moral belief Highly partial Neutral Contradictions inconsistencies Seeks logical consistency
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