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Nathan Innocente

Lec 3Measuring Crime and Deviance Sources of InformationProblems with Acquiring Crime and Deviance Data 1Subject of inquiry is deliberately hiddenPrivate phenomenon 1Deviants have little insight into the broader nature and extent of their behavior Doesnt know the actual crime in general1Access to deviants is costly time consuming and often only partialQualitative ethnographiesreal challenge due to limit of access to these groups1Much deviance lies beyond the scope of researchThings you can never hope to study or understand certain kinds of deviantsEx diff neutralization occur before crime and irrationalization 1Sociologists are not able to pass effortlessly into every alien situationHow to access groups that are alien to the researcher ex white researcher interviewing blackEx If you look like a cop street youths you want to study them will not talk to you1Barriers exist within social worlds even if access is gainedPolitics and barriers within groups1Social worlds are not representativeSources of Data Official DataUniform Crime Reports UCRStandardized counts of crimes known to the policeNational statistics about crime ratesEventpopulation size x 100000Also includes stats from other official sourcesCompetition Bureau hospitals institutions CJSDark figure of crime actual level of crimetotal amount of crime committed in society we never know this figureDetected crime by witnesses citizensProactive police and retroactive police we call the police after we detect crimeCitizenschoose what crime we report not all crimes get reported Different moral awareness will determine the choice of reporting crime Not reporting crime because people are scared ashamed try to protect families no faith in justice systemcode of silence fear of the police Police reports crimepolice discretion choice whether to reportPolice clearance rate when police lay a charge identify the person who did the crimesome crimes have high clearance rate murder hard to hide body low clearance rate sexually assault low number reported to the police Noncustodial punishmentno prisonCustodial punishmentprisonProvincial sentenced to less than 2 yearsFederalsentenced to more than 2 years Selfreport Crime SurveysAsk people to report their own criminal behavior
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