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Candace K.

2. SOC212- Lectures Notes 9/19/2012 12:04:00 PM Class Video  A Hidden Life from Frontline  Behind the scandal  Spokane, Washington—homosexuals were to live in secrecy  With the internet, people connected and they weren’t alone  2003: cobra82 was the town republic mayor (JIM WEST), grabbed the attention of a reported BILL MORLIN  1970, wave of sexual abuse swept thru the most trusted institution (School, Church, Boys Scouts), people knew what was going on but never said anything  June 2003, focused on three men previously sexually abused by David Halm, Halm (1981) shot himself once he was accused  Halm’s close friend was Jim West, people were wondering how Jim west was blind sided to the fact  This guy (unknown) said Jim West was met after the chat room, and had consensual sex—this young man brought the idea that Jim West might be using the internet to have sexual encounters with younger boys  Newspaper and consultant created a account on the web chat to try to figure out if it was Mayor West  Abusive office & official corruption- reward benefits for Sexual Favors (from Mayor West) {This was the whole story}  6 months into the operation, they decided to confront the Mayor  West was tied to 1970s sexual abuse, the guy who accused Halm, also accused West  Steven Smith Suburban home, Jim West contacted him stating the living of dual life  West’s Press Conference: saying he is capable of his job and personal life is no one’s issues  West grew up in a conventional life, lived in a community where sex was never talked about, attitude of intolerance can produce a very lonely life  There was no one who came forward accusing West of Sexual abuse  Robert Gallenger, 1981 Gallenger family reported Halm’s abuse, they claim for damages and they never mentioned West, it was never until 2005 that he accused West  No more report of sexual abuse from West  Acceptance of a conservative town was not successful, many believe that it would backfire and would be scared and some had been angry o West went out of his way to destroy GAY community and to keep his homosexuality in the dark  1986- West introduced a bill that will prevent Gays from teaching in school, it was later defeated  State legislator- West opposed gay marriage and other more, West said it was overstated in his 20 years in politics  1990, West proposed to Ginger Marshall on floor of Legislation, West was pushing to have children while Ginger was the one focusing on her career, the latter miscarriage caused the marriage to fall apart  Jim West died 10 months after the incident, cause is the cancer he was being treated  Deviance – Who Defines it?  The reactive approach—clearly a reaction by number of different people  Legalistic Approach—allegation of him using his public office in inappropriate way o Because he waited for people to turn 18—might not make legal issues  Group Approach—Real group response, community showed as having discussion reacting what was going on o Group reaction of gay community—they were really angry because it was damaging their path of coming out to the society  Dark Figure of Crime, self-report surveys (done on youth primarily, white collar or prison inmates)  Unofficial – Denton & Rock, most deviance do not engage in things that are visible that make their deviance known  Youthful defending--- they usually do it together  Political group—German extremist, Nazi  Prostitution Study—Participant, Observation, snowball sampling (trying to get prostitutes to introduce you to others)  Observation--- Only available for crimes people do in public (tattoos, extreme political groups, soliciting)  Snowball Sampling: Start with one prostitute, form of networking, critical for hard to reach population and there are situations where you cannot advertise due to the worry of incriminations (drug dealers, prostitute and etc)  Advantage- contact people, some can never be reached  Disadvantage- people you talk to might not be able to represent the group you’re interested in, snowball chain can end (some might not want to participate, contacts can dry up), number of social network can be unreal because there are a lot of contacts  Case Study: Study one example and go into details with preexisting information  Might involve a small community group of Neography  Peter & Admir did study for upper level addicts, they found out in grad school that people on top of their house was dealing drugs—small number of group exemplify how upper level deals get done  One of the most popular designs  Michael Charles—interested in electronic sampling, they can track what you are doing, conducted in depth interview with guardians, juveniles, parole officers. He got close to juvenile, the bracelet on them was not anticipated at all, they use the bracelet as an excuse to never hang out with the friends again. They youth offenders knew that if they hang out again, they will fall back into the same mistakes. New meaning of the use of electronic bracelet  Case study can be obtained thru surveys and Questionnaires  Relative inexpensive, can be used to test theories, can be do
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