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Lecture 10

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Week 10 Diverse Conjugal RelationshipsCohabiting SameSex and Reconstituted Assignment pay attention to family structureMarriage is changing laws are changing Future generations will start to not marryDivorce rates remain quite high 38 High risks of separation Stepparents stepfamilies have became a kind of family Fairly sizable Unique and has own characteristics Not so nuclearA Commonlaw or cohabiting relationships 1 The most common first union53 of people born in the 1970s cohabited as their first relationship by age 29 C Le Bourdais and E LaPierreAdamcyckNumbers have started to come up in the last few decadesCohabiting doesnt think of themselves as families A special type of relationship with certain features of familiesSame relationship families new type of pattern Eg lesbian couplesSurvey research has shown vast majority of Canadians we hope that we will live in an intimate relationship What most people think about their lives1930s people now will be in their 80s 2 of these people started their lives as cohabiting1960s people now in their 50s 42 of them had their first relationship as a cohabiting relationship1970s people in their 40s 53 of them had their relationship as a cohabitingcommon relationshipcohabitingcommon relationships have increased during the yearsIn Quebec 4 out of 5 in them were in common law relationshipsCohabiting is different in Quebec than in other countries 2Quebec is different from the rest of Canada nearly 30 of couples were cohabiting there in 2001 only 12 were in the rest of Canada In Quebec an accepted way to have children30 of children there live with cohabiting parentsvs 7 in OntarioBig difference Quebec is differentArgument cohabiting in Quebec looks like marriage They have the same status as marriage people are raising children in common law relationships In contrast to marriage this relationship doesnt have the full statusHow stable are they To what extent do people have children in themThey have their own set of characteristics3Cohabitation is more unstable than marriage but it is less unstable in Quebec than elsewhere in Canada Relationship is more unstable more likely to break upReason people more likely to be in this kind of relationship trial and errorGoing steady seeing eachother as exclusively Process before going into marriageTable 1 in article how likely are these relationships to break up when children is involved Most stable kind of relationship with children is getting married Compared people in Canada to Quebec Findings if we start out the union as a
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