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Not-so-nuclear Families

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

Soc 214 Lecture 4 Oct 4, 2011 Parson: nuclear family are the best to raise children Not-so-nuclear Families: Poor African-American Family Patterns I. African-American family patterns A. Is there a diff family pattern? What is it? >higher proportions of lone-parent families (mothers and children) >higher proportions of babies born outside marriage (since the 1940s) lower proportions of ppl marrying -- in the low-income population -->In Canada we see the same things occuring but less exaggerated -the differences betwen African-American and americans only exist in the low-income population (no difference between them in the middle class and upper class) In the US- over 1/2 of black babies born outside marriage, over half of babies living in lone-parent houdsholds Thus, a different pattern, for low-income African -Americans >this number has grown over the years (this is also in Quebec) -after the 60's there wasa big drop in marriage B. What is the relationship between poverty and the pattern of "woman-headed" households and births outside marriage? 1) the "culture of poverty" argument -> a certain family pattern causes poverty The opposite argument of this is that family pattern is the product of poverty Daniel Moynihan: a "pathological family", characterized by unstable marriages, and absence of fathers, high rates of "woman-headed" households, and high rates of birth outside marriage In short, African-American families are a "tangle of pathologies" and disorganized; the produce a "vicious cycle of poverty" >social assistance isn't going to help anything, it's the people >what needed to be done was to change behaviours/attitudes -poverty and unemployment are the sources People have a present day attitude, they don't plan for the future. Too many children. Casual attitude towards school/works. Family --> individual -- poverty pathology) 1. alternative argument: this is beavhiour that reflect
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