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lecture- family patterns

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we found that sharingcooperation are necessary to survival strategy for survival nuclear family in this context would not be able to survive on its own live communally and collectively dont have a sense of private space African American family patternssince the end of slavery in the us 1860s there have been significant differencessingle parent families for africanamericanswomen having children outside of marriageafter the 1940s there have been lower percentages of marriage in the last few decades the differences have been increasing differences between african americans and the rest of the american population only exist in the low income parts of the populationno significant differences between african americans and other americans in the middle classupper class referring to low income categories much more likely than white americans to have kids outside of marriage involves race AND poverty in the USover 12 of black babies born outside marriage over half of babies living in loneparent households thus a different pattern for lowincome AfricanAmericans only after the 60s did you see a big drop in marriages however increasingly single parent familiesthe issue of poverty a certain pattern of family life and behavior causes poverty the other side of the debate turns the causality the other way this family pattern is the product of poverty debate started in 1965 The Negro Family The Case for National Action the argument a pathological family characterized by unstable marriages an absence of fathers high rates of womanheaded households and high rates of birth outside marriage in short AfricanAmerican families are a tangle of pathologies and disorganized they produce a vicious cycle of poverty they have children precisely to get social assistance problematic behavior patterns produce disorganized familiesparents are irresponsible lazy in respect to work dont plan for future and pass those bad behavior patterns onto their childrenVICIOUS CYCLE OF POVERTY social assistance will not help anything the problem lies within the people
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