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Dual -earner Couples - NOV 22

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

11222011Lecture 9 Dual Earner Couples There have been two reactions to the decline in marriage1The first is that marriage is on the decline disappearance and people see this as a social problem because they believe that marriage is the social bedrock of society 2She argues marriage is more fair and fosters the well being of adults and children And if it doesnt work people get divorced which is good 3The norms are not clear anymore for marriage its a process in which people have to figure out how to marry There is a trend gone from companion marriages to individualized marriage Choice is always shaped by circumstances opportunities and social class Carol and thomostalks about how the legal system today assumes it is people choice to get married And those who dont chose to get married iit is their choiceThe issue of choices is something we have to be careful about American sociologist says marriage is a luxury consumer itemAmerican study21 38 years old is now seen as the new generation in which there is a new stage in life which is called emerging adulthood First finding First of all if your married you have the right to be supportedAlso when you get divorced you have the right to the family home You have the right to make health care decisionsGiven that marriage creates benefits its worrisome that some relationships are not entitled to these benefits We thought the white weeding was on its way out But its back now like it was never before One of the thing the author noticed is that it is usually the women who plans weeding This author is highly irritated by this DUAL EARNER COUPLESDual earring couples
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