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nov 15- marriage and sexuality

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Bonnie Fox

Lecture 811152011 112400 AM Sexuality A social factors and forces that shaped what was seen as normal sexualityfor wealthy people back them marriage was about forming political and theconomic alliances It wasnt until the 19 century until marriage was epected to create happinessthMotherhood became glorified in the 19 century 1 Nineteenth century legislation to equate sexuality with reproduction laws against nonreproductive sex and anti abortion laws 2 The ideasof homosexual and heterosexual people thidentities and sexual natures Developed in the late 19 thcentury early 20 centuries 3 Experts promotion of the idea that sex was the glue holding thmarriage together20 century they also began to talk about people with troubles around sexuality one of the problems frequently talked about was women frigidity yet they were expected to be virginsPeople were seen capable of a number of different sexual practicesy There were laws passes against contraception and same sex sexe the laws were aimed at promoting reproduction Contraception was illegal until 1969 in Canada y There were the Eugenics movements within the 1960s in the US and Canada y People who were deemed as mentally unfit they were sterilizedylehini Muiry goverments in this part of the world worked hard to curve sexuality that was deemed as not okay sexuality was socially shaped y More important than laws was the culturesculture only accept heterosexual marriagesA lot of forced in culture that pushes us towards heterosexual marriage 4 In the 1940s you get a different kind of public discussion BY ALFRED KINSEY on sexual diversity he believed you should
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