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Lecture 2


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Bonnie Fox

THSOC214 FAMILY PATTERNSLECTURE 2 SEPTEMBER 20 2011HOW SOCIOLOGISTS STUDY FAMILY AND RISE QUESTIONS ABOUT COMMON SENSE BELIEFSI Definitions of FamilyA Diversity in what family means to us as a class and who we identify as my familyB On the differences between household and familyC Legal definitions census definitions their focus on kinds of unitsMargrit Eichlers criticismon the importance of what people do not who they arey There are many different definitions of family which are products of culture and personal history y Commonly individuals define family as active giving of care emotionaly Emotion is at the heart of how we see family y Feelings dominate sense of what is meant by family which raises the question if this is a universal basis in all culturesy The notion of blood is also very meaningfulthe genetic connection is heavily weighted when defining family y Is there something universal Is family then a natural unit y There is an emphasis on sentiment and biologyy Sociologists have different definitions of familywe know families exist but we need a working definitionwhich is broad enough to capture the different types of family y Government also needs a definition of family for legal reasonsDefiniton of family 2 adults and their children y Pretty conventional theory familyy Bias in terms of experience y Little diversity in class than Canada as a wholey For some people the term family means more than nuclear family y There is a difference between the household and family o Household refers to people who live togetherit is a residential unitReadinglegal definition of family is important as it determines who has rights and obligations Biological parents are responsible for childrenA single mother is forced to identify the father of child for child support so the government iusnt held responsible In divorce one is legally responsible to pay child support as seen in settlement cases Fathers who never cared for heir children have rights to custody over another family member who has cared for the children every single dayThe government also needs a definition of family for the censuso This definition has changed over time and specifies a certain unit social and residentialcouple and the children of one or both
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