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Test on variations in assimilation, transnationalism Lecture Last Transnationalism Intro - Advancement of Technologies- (technologies have upgraded to keep one closer to home since they are able to easier keep in touch with people back home ie skype.) - globalization - financial capital - the requirement for people to have contact with other people across the world. new york stock exchange effects stocks across the world. - flow around the world quite frequent in a connected way - thus no longer pick up and leave, theres a lot of economic ties to back home. - human migration - in past (19th century = developing country to developed country) - now migration is both direction (ie north america to asia - return migration) = maintain contact with the world. - Transnational Migration (new form of migration ) - is a process of movment and settlement across international borders in which individuals maintain or build multiple networks of connection to their country of origin while at the same time settling in a new country . - process of movement, moving from one to another and back again and back again... - settlement process - process of movement and then they would settle for some years then move on then settle for some years and so on. - simaltaniously maintaining two networks in two different locations - more different immigrant addaptation (thus people studying this needs to take into account other networks that these people are apart of. - they could recieve information over night and assimilation is much more complicated 1) movement and settlement. 2) across international boarders (from one country to another) 3) multiple networks (one back home one here) 4) country of origin vs new country (comparing) Transmigrants - Maintain close contact with sending and receiving countries - financial / visit/ social participation - thus they are still paying attention to information in the two countries - suggests migrants send money back home because they assume their back home is developing country - Different from nostalgia - not just about memory its the direct contact to it - Settlement vs return migration - ( return migration - returning back home and giving up all connections) - maintinging contact in both countries Types of transnational relations - Economic- mainly looks at Mexicans traveling across boarders for work - self initiated vs active recruitment - active recruitment - company or someone goes to the home country and actively recruit people from china and japan to work in canada - self initiated activities - one person sees that if they travel to another country they would be able to have more opportunities - its self initiated and not active recruitment by a country or company - alternative economic adaptation - in or
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