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Lecture 5

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Eric Fung

Lecture 5 Vietnam Vietnam war : North Vietnam vs South Vietnam - Saigon city is the back of the front line ( the base where solders return to after returning from the front line of battle) 1975 - the fall of Saigon - panic efforts to leave the country - refugee wave - left country by sea by land and by air - some in small boats or large ships - limited amount of food on the boat - pirates, storms and malnourished a lot of people died (do not know how many were left) - people who fled a lot of them who got on the ship had a connection with the US government -Canada generously accepted a lot of refugees after the fall of Saigon. - most immigrants took ships - first went to another Asian countries and was put in a ref camp - then developed countries would decide how much refs they want and they would accept them - family members are separated generally, tried to get the family together again - immigration waves - first wave: 1950s and early 1960s - first wave was students in quebec Second wave :1978 and 1992 - boat people - montreal, Toronto, calgary, edmonton and vancouver - ethnic vietnamese - professional, bureaucratic, military and academic backgrounds - reasons( for leaving) : -internal: terror and imprisonment (afraid of being a prisoner for being on the loosing side) - communism took over, thus land would be taken away from them as well as money to even out the wealth - external: US trade embargo -> poor economy ( lack of food, drought and flood) Characteristics of Vietnamese refugees - subethnic groups ( left first since they fled from china to viet nam) then ethnic ones came over (1979) - Chinese Vietnam
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