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Lecture 6

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Eric Fung

Lecture 6 Assimilation Classical Perspectives - Major theoretical frame work used - Beginning of the last century = a lot of european immigrants - A lot of immigrants in Chicago - interested in what happened to them (experiences) - A lot of studies ( human ecological model) - most focused on first generation immigrants - last 20 to 30 years need to focus on next generation as well since it is intergenerational thing - need to lok at the second generation since the first were never able to fully integrate - asians second generation integration is now the focus of studies - integration = cultural adaptation - assimilation = general understanding : a wide range of ethnic changes and generally with implied direction towards greater "homogenity" Robert E. Park - stage of race relation cycle: contacts. competition, accomodation, assimilation - use a lot of enegy and resources to compete for resources - learn about process of competition and how they accommodate each other - taking from biological model, do not need to look at culture, just need to know size and contacts and thus we can understand interactions -1) Contacts: superficial and explorative in nature - try to explore more about the group -2) Competition: - from he contacts between host people and the migrants - economic and cultural competition - 3) Accommodation : (think about how to accommodate other groups and their needs so there is less time competing for things) - unstable condition - adjustment by a migrating group to a new social situation - 4) Assimilation: Assimilation is a process of interpenetration and fusion in which persons and groups acquire the memories , sentiments, and attitudes of other persons or groups, and by sharing their experience and history, are incorporated with them in a common cultural life." - Inevitably leading from contact to assimilation Shibutani and Quan : student of Robart park - Milton Gordon: Dimension of Assimilation -Measures - Cultural assimilation - Structural assimilation - Ethnic residential integration - Participation in favrious organizations - Fr
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