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Eric Fong

lecture 3 ethnic identity is not as simple as we think ppl have more than 1 ethnic identity concept: past we think something that has been there stable since we are born and never change. gradually, Researcher later realized that this is not the case, that its more about social processes (eg. who you interact with, what kind of social con- text, what kind of social and environemnt we are in; affects how we see ourself and identify with other groups, we have more intermarriage.PPL ASK ABOUT ETHNIC IDENTITY. And geographic mobility- ukranine mostly in the west but now more move- ment=more interactions with others from different background. Ethnic background is also related to the geographic mobility we experience social mobitlity- John poter”virtical mosaic”(cdns society certain groups occupy in the upper starta of society and certain groups in the bottom) Today We stratification we see social mobility and more ppl moving into different levels of strata in society. So this is related to the issue of race and ethnicity. we see reginal difference-montreal more diversified but not only in major city but even in smaller cities there are growth of different racial and ehtnic group. Because of these changes in society over the decade the issues of ethnic idenity. Mary waters:”ethnic options” how the white population(euro population) they decide their ethnic idenity. Visible minortiy experince it differently of identifying themselves as a group. Ethic identity by marry walters -”quote” at some point the person can have a decision to decide what ethnic identity she/her can want to identify. - ex. 54lawyer “quote” illustration some have 3 ethnic background but only identity with 2 but not all 3? what is ethnic identity? (Internalized self selected concept of self). It helps to identify yourself with certain group. You can identify to certain group by some observable char- acteristic (external characteristic) such as we can speak in certain language. But also it internal characteristic. -network(gatherings) -institutions(jewish summer camp) -lanugage **eternal dimension** ALSO AN INTERNAL ASPECT(most important) cognitive process-how you preserve and see things (x. eskimo...20 ways of describing snowing compared to what we describe as snow) moral- different groups place more or less emphasis on different moral values affection- how we express ourself and identify yourself to certain group how ethnic identify is chosen? -according to marry how we define ourself is decided or affected by parents. our parents they delibaraty tells us more info about one than the other ethnicity. parents may not tell their children of the variety of background in order to make it more simplified Table-even tho a lot of ppl identify with parents correctly; we see that 30-40% do not re- port correctly. Table 2- if both parents from same background most likely wont identity their child as american. But if one is american then they will identityf their child as america. The both diffrent bk then the child will idenitfy 3% american,. - if one is english bk and other american bk the child is said to be american -if both different then the child is 3% american Table3-both english bk only 4.4 have no respond and dont report -if one english bk 3.9 have no respond how the parents see their identity is TRANSFERED to their children. If they think their american they will tell the child that he/she is american. If the parents dont think their ethnic bk is important they they wont tell the child and the child will not fill out ethnic bk in census form with NO RESPOND.socializaion process is very important. Its not how we respond but sometimes we Simplify.table 4-suggest if parents both eng- lish background 93.8% they will report english bk. **scottish no matter the combination(english+scottish) 55.1, 24% only english, 9.6% scottish when scottish is with another group the scottish individual will move and identify to the other group and identi
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