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University of Toronto St. George
Eric Fong

soc218 - lec 7 - ethnic stratification - their work is important - when people rethink about the concept of assimilation, as everything was de- bated, they rediscovered the work of shibutani and kwan. have a significant con- tribution to the field. - they are the second generation of japanese, and both are asian, their view is unique of the whole process due to their background. Use alot of example out- side of america. - shibutani and kwan - assimilation as reducing ethnic stratification - ecological basis of ethnic stratification - habitat, competition, and natural selection - competition: group competition - equilibrium is maintained through adaptation. - competition usually occurs in the group level, due to gender, group ethnicity etc. - ecological basis of intergroup contact - spatial distribution of groups - migration, reach equilibrium, new blood of migration disrupts the equilib- rium, as well as creating a new contact of immigrants and host. - pattern of land use: suburbanization. expect that immigrant groups to be living in the cities. e.g. italians, chinese, koreans. however, as they accu- mulate resources, they move to suburban, shows a sign of integration. however, on the other side, it does not necessarily imply integration, as they may move to areas in suburban that is a ethnic concentrated com- munity. - economic system - migration, pattern of land use, - assimilation - integration: undergo transformation - culture, of the minority group is first to change. - the minority has to change a few characteristics to accommodate the host characteristics. - this process may take over a long period of time. - integration not just about the change o the
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